Choosing Replacement Glass Doors: A Homeowner's Guide

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Choosing Replacement Glass Doors: A Homeowner's Guide

20 February 2020
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Glass doors can add a great deal of elegance and functionality to your home. Glass allows in the much-desired natural light, and the material doesn't rust, peel, swell or rot from exposure to moisture. While glass doors are designed to last, issues such as cracks will call for repairs at some point. And depending on the degree of damage (for instance, if there are multiple cracks in the glass panels), the ideal repair solution could be to replace the glass panels. However, before you choose replacement glass doors for your home, here are some things you need to consider in your selection.

Consider the Type of Glazing

Glass panels come in single, double and triple glazing options. What you choose here will make all the difference when it comes to the security of the door and its insulation properties (both thermal and acoustic). The significant difference between the three options is the number of glass panes in each of them. Single panes, as the name implies, have only one pane and are the least expensive of the three. However, they are also the weakest when it comes to withstanding impact (from burglars, birds and other creatures running into the doors, outdoor elements such as hail, etc.), which is a common cause of cracks in glass doors. What's more, they are the least energy efficient.

That in mind, consider double- or triple-glazed glass doors instead. They will cost you more, but they perform better in all aspects. If you live in a particularly cold or hot region, triple-glazed glass doors would be the best option due to their higher insulation properties. However, triple glazing costs more, so unless it's necessary, double glazing should work just fine.

Consider the Type of Low-E Coating

Low-E (low emittance or low emissivity) coating is a thin layer of transparent material that's applied to one side of the glass pane. It controls the rate of heat transfer across the glass. Low-E coatings differ when it comes to the amount of solar heat gain they can allow inside your home. And usually, the area you live in will guide you in choosing the right coating. If you live in a region that's particularly hot or warm, you will want to minimise as much solar heat gain as possible. And for that, lower solar heat gain coatings are the solution. If you experience harsh winters, on the other hand, you need your glass doors to let in as much heat as possible. Therefore, glass panes with higher solar heat gain coatings would be the best.

To learn more about door glass repair and replacement, contact a glass company in your area.