Shower Screen Installation: 6 Simple Steps to Install Frameless Shower Screens

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Shower Screen Installation: 6 Simple Steps to Install Frameless Shower Screens

23 December 2019
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Frameless shower screens (also known as bath screens) compressed glass can give your bathroom a stunning contemporary look. Compared to standard shower glass doors, they can last for long when appropriately installed. Installation of these screens is quite simple by following a few steps. In this post, we shall discuss how to install frameless bath screens at home easily. 

First Things First

Safety is crucial during the installation of frameless shower screens. First, you need to double-check that your power tools are off before plugging them to power sources. Switch them off when not in use. Furthermore, ensure the bathroom environment is dry before you commence work. Don't forget to wear safety goggles for eye protection.

After taking the safety precautions above, it's time to get to work. Here are the six simple steps to follow when installing frameless shower screens:

  1. Take Measurements

The first step is to determine the width and length dimensions of the bathroom's entrance. Don't forget to factor in a 1/16-inch jam allowance. Doing this allows you to purchase the appropriate sizes for your frameless screens. Proceed to measure the midpoint of the shower opening to confirm the same measurements for each half.

  1. Sketch and Order

Draw a rough plan and note down the measurements of your bathroom. Carry it along to your local hardware store and purchase the frameless screens as per the measurements. Remember to buy all the required accessories too, such as handles and hinges.

  1. Install the Hinges and Handles

Using the installation manual, install the hinges on the screens after determining their exact positions. You can screw them firmly on the frameless screens with pre-made holes. After this, proceed to install the handles with the guidance of the installation manual. 

  1. Screen Installation

With the help of a masonry drill, make holes on the wall and firmly drill anchors to the wall studs. Then, hoist the screens onto the wall anchors and shim them firmly into place. Ideally, this creates space for the installation of a vinyl sweep. After attaching the screens to the wall, try opening and closing them to ensure smooth movement. 

  1. Vinyls Sweep Installation

Finally, you should slide the vinyl sweep under the door and anchor it using any waterproof adhesive tape to hold it down firmly. The vinyl sweep ensures that your floor remains water-free. 

There you have it, simple frameless bath screens installation steps.  By following these steps, you should be having a stunning looking and contemporary bathroom that'll serve you for years!