Tired Of Grimy Shower Curtains? Consider a Glass Shower Screen Instead!

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Tired Of Grimy Shower Curtains? Consider a Glass Shower Screen Instead!

26 July 2018
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If your bathroom is starting to look dreary and in dire need of a facelift, you may be stumped as to what renovations to indulge in to modernise the space. But the truth is you do not have break the bank to revamp this room. Just focusing on one significant element in the area can go a long way in achieving a dramatic makeover. One change that is both time and cost efficient is getting rid of your old shower curtain and installing glass shower screens. Check out the following benefits that you will reap by choosing a glass shower screen over a shower curtain for your bathroom. 

Astounding appeal

Undeniably, a glass shower screen will be much more visually pleasing in your bathroom than a shower curtain. To begin with, the sleek lines of the screen design add contemporary charm to your space, whereas a shower curtain hangs blandly in place. Secondly, glass shower screens are available in an assortment of styles ranging from frosted glass to etched varieties. Hence, your enclosure will inject a degree of elegance to your bathroom that will be inconceivable with a shower curtain.

Exceptional endurance

The main drawback about shower curtains is that their only function is to accord you some degree of privacy. Other than that, the fabric is quite flimsy and offer you no protection in the unfortunate event of a slip and fall. Not to mention that shower curtains can also rip easily, which translates into frequent repurchasing. Shower screens, on the other hand, offer exceptional durability. You may be anxious about the glass being fragile, but the reality is that only tempered, or toughened, glass is utilised to manufacture these screens.

This unique treatment makes the screens immensely impact resistant, and if they do break, the glass stays in place rather than shattering onto the tub and floor. Lastly, the high durability means that your shower screens will last for years to come, eliminating the costs of premature replacement!

Untroublesome upkeep

Not many people enjoy performing chores. And if you are one of the individuals that does not want to spend too much time scrubbing their shower curtain, you will find that shower screens are ideally suited to your needs. All the glass shower screens require is a quick wipe down after a hot shower to eliminate surface grime. Alternatively, you could opt for self-cleaning varieties, which cost more but make maintenance a breeze!