Why Every Homeowner Should Consider Glass Splashbacks

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Why Every Homeowner Should Consider Glass Splashbacks

18 October 2016
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When it comes to transforming an insipid kitchen to one that is stylishly appealing, some homeowners may assume that extensive renovations are their only option. The truth is you do not have to spend exorbitant amounts of money to update the appearance of your drab kitchen. If you are on a restrictive budget, you may want to consider the installation of glass splashbacks. Not only will installing new splashbacks take less time than a kitchen remodel, but it will also significantly change the appearance of your previously dull space.

Below are some of the reasons why every homeowner should consider glass splashbacks for their kitchen.

Glass splashbacks are appealing

One of the main pros of glass is that is it one of the most attractive materials that you could consider for your splashbacks. Some people may assume that these splashbacks will only be made from clear glass. The reality is there is a wide assortment of colours and designs that you could choose from. For instance, if you would like to create visual interest in your kitchen, then you could opt for mosaic glass splashbacks. These can be used to create unique, customised designs to enhance the individualism of your kitchen.

On the other hand, if you would like to add some colour to your kitchen, you can choose coloured glass splashbacks. Warm tones such as yellow and orange can make your kitchen look fresh and new. Your choice of glass splashbacks would only be limited by your creativity.

Glass splashbacks are easy kept clean 

If you have tiled splashbacks, you will find the biggest inconvenience is having to ensure that grout stays clean and pristine. The moment the grout begins to show signs of severe staining it begins to affect the appearance of your kitchen. If you would like to avoid spending stretches of time trying to scrub your grout lines, then you should opt for glass splashbacks. Since the splashbacks are seamless, they will not have any grout lines. Therefore, all you would need to do to keep them clean is ensure they are wiped when they acquire splashes of food on their surface.

Another benefit of the glass splashbacks is that unlike ceramic tiles, they are not porous. Therefore, in addition to being stain resistant, you can also rest assured there will not be any germs or bacteria lurking on the splashbacks. This can greatly improve the overall hygiene of your kitchen.